1. The Midlands Women’s Time Trial Series (Series) is open to any female cyclist who is at least 12 years of age.
  2. The Series registration fee is £10. This fee is non-refundable after the first event in the Series has taken place, whether or not the participant took part in that event. 
  3. In order for a result to count for Series points, the participant must have signed up for the Series and paid the Series entry fee before that particular event starts.
  4. If a participant requests a start time from the event organiser that means that she is not riding with the rest of the Series participants (for example, before any Series participants start, after all Series participants have finished or in among male competitors if none of the other Series participants in the event are racing among male competitors), the Series organisers may exclude that result from the participant's Series points if they reasonably believe the participant has obtained an unfair advantage by racing at a different time.
  5. The Series usually comprises between five and ten events organised by clubs in the CTT Midlands District. If for any reason the organising club does not hold an event as planned, or if necessary for any other reason (for example, a postponement due to roadworks or bad weather), an alternative event may be selected by agreement with the same or another promoting club. Any change will be communicated to Series participants by email, through the Series website and the Facebook page.
  6. A number of competitions for individuals will be held based on the points scored in various categories in each event. There will also be a team competition. Each rider will automatically compete in all the competitions for which they are eligible. The details of the competitions can be found here.
  7. After each event, Series points will be awarded based on the times of the highest placed and lowest placed female rider in that event, regardless of the whether either rider is a series participant. The score will be calculated as follows: 100- ((difference in time between series rider and fastest female rider) / (difference in time between fastest and slowest female rider) x 99). By default this will allocate 100 points to the highest placed rider and 1 point to the lowest placed rider, with remaining riders receiving a proportional score depending on their own time relative to the fastest and slowest riders. All points scores will be rounded to the nearest whole number.
  8. Each rider’s three best points scores will be used to determine their final points in the overall competition, the fastest novice competition and the jersey classifications.
  9. In the event of a tie, the riders’ 4th best results will be used. In the event of the result still being a tie, the 5th best results will be used and so on.
  10. The most improved senior (adult aged below 40 at the start of the Series) and most improved vet (aged 40 or over at the start of the Series) competitions will be based on the rider’s current best 10 mile time trial time on events in the current Series (Series PB). By default this will initially be the time set by the rider on the first event she races in the series, and will be updated throughout the Series if this time is improved on. If an event occurs on a course that is not 10 miles in length, the time achieved will be corrected to a 10 mile equivalent using the veteran's standard times as per rule 12. Points will be awarded after each event, with the rider with the greatest improvement on Series PB scoring 100, and the remainder of the points being allocated as described in rule 7.
  11. The Series points calculated for the main competition will be used to allocate points for the Novices competition, if there are any novices registered for the current Series, and jersey competitions, provided that there are at least 20 riders registered for the Series. If there are fewer than 20 riders registered there will be no Jersey competitions and instead there will just be awards for the overall series winner, second and third place.
  12. For Series events on courses with other standard mileages (15, 25, 30 or 50 miles), the points for most improved senior and vet will be calculated as follows. Calculate the rider’s 10 mile PB as a percentage of the VTTA standard for a 40-year-old female (currently 28:33). Multiply this percentage by the VTTA standard time for a 40-year-old female for the distance of the current event (currently 42:59 for 15 miles, 1:12:12 for 25 miles, 1:26:59 for 30 miles and 2:27:12 for 50 miles) to give the Distance Corrected Series PB. Points will be allocated based on the percentage improvement over the current series PB, with 
  13. The team competition will be based on the aggregate points of the best three riders in each club best three points scores (as used in the fastest rider competition). The team with the largest aggregate score will be the winning team. If there is only one team fielding three or more riders in the season, the Teams prize will not be awarded for that season.
  14. Medals or trophies will be awarded to the overall series winner (the Yellow Jersey competition) and two runners up depending on entries, Most Improved Senior, Most Improved Veteran and Fastest Novice (see rule 6). Where there are enough riders participating in the series to allow for the Green, White and Polkadot Jersey competitions to run, medals or trophies will also be awarded to the winners of these individual competitions.
  15. If a Series participant receives a time penalty for starting a Series event later than her allocated start time, the Series organisers will discount that time penalty in calculating the points allocations for that event, and for the Series overall, provided that the time penalty is communicated to the Series organisers by the participant and can be corroborated by the event organiser.  This will not affect the result of the event, and any deduction from the event result will be at the discretion of the event organiser.