Individual competitions

Four competitions for individuals will be held, based on fastest overall, fastest novice, most improved senior (adult aged under 40 on the date of the first event in the Series for that year) and most improved veteran (aged 40 or over on the date of the first event in the Series for that year). Points are awarded at each event for each competition. Below are the details of who qualifies for which competition. The details of how the points are worked out is explained here.  


For the points tables based on fastest actual times all riders will be divided into one of four categories based on results in the first event in the Series.  The categories are:  yellow jersey, green jersey, white jersey  and polka dot jersey . There will be a points competition between riders in the same jersey category based on actual times. In the event that the Series has fewer than 20 active participants, all riders will be entered into the yellow jersey competition.

The Series organiser reserves the right to move riders between categories if it becomes obvious that they are in an inappropriate category.  

The winner of a jersey competition will automatically be moved up to the next category the following year, unless she is the winner of the yellow jersey competition (and therefore the overall Series winner).


Riders with no experience of racing in any events involving cycling can compete in the fastest novice competition. To be counted as a novice a rider must not have competed in any races in any of the following sports: triathlon, duathlon, cycling time trials, cycling road racing, cyclo-cross, track cycling or mountain biking. A novice may ride a road bike or time trial bike, but any events in which the novice has competed on a TT bike will not count towards the novices competition. In the event that the series has fewer than two novices, the novice trophy will not be awarded.

Improvement compared to Series Personal Best (Series PB)

The rider’s first 10m TT time in the Series in a particular year will be taken as the initial Series PB. This will be corrected to a 10mile equivalent if it took place on a course that was not 10 miles long. For each subsequent event that the rider completes, their percentage improvement on their prior PB will be calculated and converted to a score between 0 and 100, with 50 denoting no improvement over the prior PB. As and when a rider's prior PB is improved on, the faster time will become their new series PB against which future events will be compared. All times will be converted to 10 mile equivalents for easy comparison.

Team competition

There will be a team competition for the best team of three riders from the same club or team. In the event that only one team fields three or more riders in a season, the team competition trophy will not be awarded.